Perform Care/CSOC: In-Community Services

Treatment Modalitites

Legacy Counseling LLC is proud to offer a comprehensive range of Therapeutic Services in the following modalities:

Outpatient Therapy for Individuals, Families and Groups

Intensive-In Community (IIC) and Behavioral Assistance (BA) Services

***Please note: You must be currently receiving services from Perform Care under the Children's System of Care (CSOC)  in order to have our therapeutic services be covered by insurance. If you do not currently have insurance coverage or have been waitlisted, visit the Legacy's Outpatient Bridge Program page for more information on how you can still get the help you need.***

Outpatient Therapy

Individual Therapy | Family Therapy | Group Therapy

Legacy Counseling utilizes a wide range of treatment approaches and frameworks to provide support for various areas of mental health, providing you with comprehensive care.

Clinical Specializations:

Trauma & PTSD 

Mood Disorders 

Relationship Issues

Traumatic Brain Injury

Domestic Violence

Treatment Focus Areas:


Behavioral Issues

Bipolar Disorder

Chronic Pain

Coping Skills


Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence

Emotional Disturbance

Family Conflict


Life Coaching

Life Transitions

Oppositional Defiance (ODD)


Peer Relationships


School Issues




Suicidal Ideation

Teen Violence

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Mental Health:

Impulse Control Disorders


Thinking Disorders



Treatment Approaches:



Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Culturally Sensitive

Dialectical Behavior (DBT)

Family / Marital

Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)

Motivational Interviewing





You are safe here with Legacy Counseling Therapists in Northern NJ

Parenting Program

Legacy Counseling is proud to offer The ARC-Grow Parenting Program. This program supports our parents’ emotional regulation to help foster stability and well-being for youths and the family unit through the application of the ARC Framework. We choose to offer this program virtually through Google Classroom as youths and families are comfortable using this space and it is fully confidential and HIPAA Compliant.

( Kristine M. Kinniburgh, LCSW Adapted from SWCE “First Positive Skills Group” draft by Kinniburgh & Hammiel, 2008)

ARC Framework

All of Legacy Counseling’s Group Therapy services consist of components from the ARC Framework.  We believe that the Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC) framework is a flexible, components-based intervention that is developed for children and adolescents who have experienced trauma along with their caregiving systems. ARC’s foundation is built upon several key areas of study:

    1. Normative childhood development
    2. Traumatic Stress
    3. Attachment
    4. Risk
    5. Resilience

( Kristine M. Kinniburgh, LCSW Adapted from SWCE “First Positive Skills Group” draft by Kinniburgh & Hammiel, 2008)

All of Legacy’s Group Therapy sessions are conducted according to this format: 

– Learning about our Energy and Tools to Change It

– Learning about my Energy Cues and Emotion

– Learning how to identify Emotions in Others

– Learning how to read verbal and non-verbal Cues

– Self-Basic identification

Additional Group Therapy Offerings:

The following Group Sessions are facilitated by Legacy Counseling’s Clinical staff in which we integrate skills building through Social Emotional Learning to provide a wraparound therapeutic space for youths. These sessions are currently offered for a duration of 12-16 weeks:


Utilizing emotional regulation techniques found in ARC, youths will process thought loss, divorce, relationships and other transitional events that can occur during childhood into adolescence.  Youth will learn Life Skills to help address needs at home and school.

Seeking Safety (Substance)

This group follows a 16-session curriculum developed by Legacy Staff following concepts from Seeking Safety developed for co-occurring PTSD and Substance Abuse disorders.  This group will be used to support youth as they work through the process of breaking free from addictions and trauma in their lives.  Psychoeducation about addiction, brain development and strategies for living free from addictions will be provided.

Finding My Pronouns

The goal of this group is to provide education, support, and to create an environment of safety where each youth is provided with a foundation that speaks to emotional regulation. They will learn how to understand verbal and non-verbal cues while taking a deep dive into understanding their triggers and the impact this has on their mental health and well being. The skills developed through these sessions will also provide guidance and support for youth to openly learn how to self-identify and understand their pronouns in a safe space for youths that are in the process of discovering their gender and/or sexual preference/orientation.

Navigating Life with a Sibling who has Autism

This Framework will be implemented throughout the ASD sibling support group. Over the course of 12-16 sessions, youths will learn about their energy and emotions and understand the energy and emotions of others, more specifically, their siblings who are on the spectrum. Youths will gain a better understanding of what Autism looks like for their sibling through an integrated curriculum featuring  videos, discussions and worksheets which will provide them with a different perspective on their environment. They will also develop coping skills and an understanding of their own value and place in their family system.

Anger Management

The goal of this group is to educate and assist individuals with addressing their feelings of anger. This group works collaboratively with components from ARC and DBT Skills incorporated into our anger management curriculum. The curriculum allows clients to better understand how their minds and body are connected by thought processes and emotions. The curriculum also encourages clients to understand the importance of expressing and understanding their emotions and what may trigger them. This group combines a plethora of information with weekly engaging activities for clients to enjoy while learning how to effectively understand and manage their anger.

Intensive-In Community (IIC) and Behavioral Assistance (BA) Services

These services are designed to provide assistance to children with behavioral health needs in the least restrictive setting in the home environment. Referrals for these services are accepted through Care Management Organizations (CMO) or Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (CMRSS) and are reimbursed through NJ Medicaid. For more information, please visit


Assessments are screening tools utilized by Clinical mental health professionals that aim to gather detailed information and facts about an individual and their lived experiences in order to help them navigate the system of care and find the best treatment options for them. 

Legacy Counseling Biopsycho Social Assessments in Northern NJ

Biopsycho Social (BPS) Assessments

Legacy Counseling, LLC provides comprehensive BPS Assessments for children and families. The BPS Assessment is a clinical assessment that evaluates a youth’s needs and identifies the optimal resources and treatment course to address those specific needs. A licensed Clinician from the Legacy Counseling staff will meet with you and your child (either virtually or in-person) to complete the assessment. 

To schedule a Biopsych Social Assessment with a member of the Legacy Counseling team, please contact PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624 and provide our provider ID#: 0519138.

Immigration Evaluations

Legacy Counseling, LLC has been providing Evaluations and Clinical Assessments for the State of New Jersey since 2016. Our expertise also includes psychological evaluations for immigration cases. This area of practice is close to the heart of our founder, Mala Deodhari-Beni, as she is a naturalized citizen of the United States of America who is profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to emigrate to this country at the age of five from Guyana, South America. Her commitment to helping to open the pathways to safety, prosperity, and a life of equal opportunity has pioneered our team’s expertise in providing evaluations to help strengthen your case for immigration. The reports prepared from our evaluations give an in-depth picture of your story to Immigration courts and play a pivotal role in the final determinations made by the legislative body assessing your case.

Our Goal

Our goal in conducting Immigration Evaluations is to connect with you in a safe, empathetic space where you can openly share your story. A member of Legacy Counseling’s clinical team will conduct the evaluation with emphasis on how deportation would affect your physical and mental health by assessing your past experiences with trauma, pre-existing mental health and emotional factors, and other severe life factors that impact your well-being. Our team is here to support you through this difficult time in your life. 

Evaluations are primarily conducted in English and Spanish. However, evaluations in other languages are also able to be conducted with the support of a professional translator.

Legacy Counseling Immigration Evaluations in Northern NJ

Types of Immigration Evaluations

There are five classes of immigration waivers that require psychological evaluations: 


The U-Visa immigration status is issued to victims of some types of crimes that have resulted in the endurance of mental or physical abuse. The determination of the impact of these incidences are made through an in-depth psychological evaluation conducted by an expert member of our clinical staff.


These psychological evaluations are offered to spouses of a United States citizen or legal resident who has endured domestic violence. A member of the Legacy clinical staff will perform the evaluation proceedings directly with the spouse/victim and will prepare an official report which can also serve as documentation of the nature, severity, and frequency of the abuse.

Political Asylum

These evaluations assess the impact of abuse, mistreatment, and persecution an individual endured in a foreign country. Oftentimes, traumatic experiences of this nature cause an emotional impact that can result in the development of diagnosed mental health disorders that can be diagnosed through this type of evaluation in accordance with the DSM-5 and the ICD-10+. The process for this evaluation may include: mental status exam, psychology testing of the client, contact with collaterals (with the informed consent of the client), clinical interview, and a review of all available documents pertaining to the case.


Psychological Evaluations performed for this visa class are for victims of human trafficking. This includes clients that are or were victims of severe human trafficking, including sex or labor trafficking, clients that were brought to the United States as a result of human trafficking, and clients that are victims of human trafficking that would suffer extreme hardship and possible harm if removed from the United States.

Extreme Hardship Waiver

Extreme Hardship psychological evaluations are conducted when a citizen or resident of the United States stands to endure extreme hardship due to the removal or deportation of a relative. The psychological evaluation conducted by a member of the Legacy Counseling clinical team explores the impact of immigration problems and assesses for mental health diagnoses, financial and safety concerns, education and fluency issues, and impaired work and social functioning.

For more information on Immigration Evaluations, including determining which category applies to your case, consult with your attorney or give us a call at: (732) 672-9051

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